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The best spider control method is to make your house as pest-free as possible.

Some pests have just one technique to deal with them to eliminate and prevent them effectively. Most, however, such as spiders, can be resolved with more than one method. At The Dead Pest Society, we offer a wide variety of pest elimination, prevention, and control services. Our spider control services are one of those that we have to approach differently than others.

Spider Control in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

First of all, spiders are not affected by walking over a surface that has been treated with insecticide. It takes direct contact on their body to eliminate them. That makes it more challenging to keep them from coming into your home. This might seem like a dire situation, but keep in mind that pests tend to go where they know there is food for them. What do spiders eat? Other pests! So, quite honestly, the best spider control method is to make your house as pest-free as possible and that is where a barrier placed during quarterly pest control comes in.

This is not to say that we can’t take care of a current infestation of spiders for you. In fact, if you do have one of the more dangerous species, it is important to call us to do that. It is best to do that before they breed and create a serious problem, but we are well equipped to handle even major infestations, which can happen quickly in vacant properties. If you have a rental that has been vacant for a while, we recommend calling us in before you lease it out.

If you need spider control at your Winston-Salem, North Carolina home, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

At The Dead Pest Society, we offer spider control services in Winston-Salem, Asheboro, Kernersville, Lexington, ColfaxBelews Creek, and Thomasville, North Carolina.