Bird Removal: What to Do When a Bird Gets into Your Home

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Here at The Dead Pest Society, we understand that you don’t want to have to share your home with any insect or animal that happens to wander in from outdoors, and we provide the expert extermination and wildlife removal services you need to get rid of these troublesome critters. In the event that a bird gets into your home or makes its nest in your rafters, we encourage you to call our team to handle the problem for you. In this article, we’ll go over what you should do in this situation.

Bird Removal: What to Do When a Bird Gets into Your Home

  • Remember That Up is Out. While you wait for our team to arrive to provide professional bird removal services, you should also take steps to encourage the bird to make its way out on its own. One key thing to keep in mind in order to do so successfully is that, to birds, “up is out.” In other words, a bird will generally look for a way out in an upward direction, which means that it may take a while to fly out of a low window than a high one. However, opening a window and leaving the room is often the best course of action, as this gives the bird time and space to find the exit without becoming frightened by humans.
  • Close Interior Doors. Another step that our bird removal experts recommend that you take is to close any interior doors to prevent the bird from moving deeper into the house. With interior doors blocked off and exterior windows open, the bird should be able to figure out how to get back outside eventually.
  • Remove Dangers. Lastly, while you wait for our bird removal team to arrive, you should also try to remove anything that could endanger the bird from the area. Turn off any fans so that the bird does not fly into the blades and get hurt, and make sure that any dogs or cats stay well away from the room that the bird is in.