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If you are tired of being ticked off by ticks, call us for tick control services.

If it weren’t for their painful bite and the diseases they spread, you might not be all that concerned about ticks in your yard. However, because they can carry Lyme disease and other ailments, not to mention that a tick bite can be very uncomfortable, it is best to call us at The Dead Pest Society if you notice ticks in your yard. Our tick control methods will minimize ticks dramatically. Since tick insecticides only kill adult ticks, it is necessary to schedule more than one appointment for best results.

Tick Control in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

You will know upfront what to expect for tick control at your Winston-Salem, North Carolina home or business, as we offer free estimates and will go over all aspects of the service. Our quarterly pest service is a valuable option when it comes to pests that require regular preventative measures to keep them from returning. We work with homeowners, landlords, property managers, and small businesses that need tick control and other pest control services.

If you are tired of being ticked off by ticks and want to work with a company that will go the extra mile to put their combined 30 years of experience to work to rectify the problem, reach out to us. Our knowledgeable and caring technicians are ready to make your home or business a more enjoyable place by eliminating the pests that don’t belong.

We truly love to help people solve pest issues, including offering tick control, wildlife removal, flea control, spider control, ant control, and a host of other pest control services. Call today to schedule an appointment.

At The Dead Pest Society, we offer tick control services in Winston-Salem, Asheboro, Kernersville, Lexington, Colfax, Belews Creek, and Thomasville, North Carolina.