Secure Your Home with Professional Wildlife Removal

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Raccoons, opossums, squirrels, bats, and other critters can take up residence in and around your home in their quest for shelter and resources. Unfortunately, this can pose various risks. These pests can carry diseases that are transmitted via bites or through exposure to feces, urine, or saliva. Some pests are also likely to chew on wires, wood, or other materials, causing property damage and posing a danger to your family. If cornered, or when feeling threatened, some animals can become aggressive. Luckily, professional wildlife removal is available to help protect your family and property from these threats.

Secure Your Home with Professional Wildlife Removal

Wildlife removal services help eliminate the immediate problem of pests, but these professionals can also identify entry points and design a plan that will work to limit access to pests and wildlife. This process of wildlife exclusion after removal can help prevent future intrusions by sealing or otherwise eliminating those entry points. Experts can often also determine if there is something drawing the pests in that can be addressed to make your home less attractive to pests and wildlife.

We offer wildlife removal and control services for residences in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area. Our team at The Dead Pest Society focuses on the humane removal of pests from the home and surrounding area by using live traps. We also offer a quarterly pest control service that includes additional inspections and services as needed between routine inspections. Our owner is a certified wildlife agent, and we have an NC Structural Pest Control License.

If you choose us for your wildlife removal needs, we will also strive to deliver the exceptional, personal service that you deserve. We know that these situations can be stressful, and we will do our best to make it an efficient, seamless process. Reach out to us today to inquire about our wildlife removal services and to schedule with our skilled, friendly team!