Expert Tips for Effective Mosquito Control

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Many homeowners in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area would love to spend more time outdoors, but are discouraged from doing so by all the mosquitoes in the air. Our team here at The Dead Pest Society wants to help you enjoy your outdoor living spaces, and we offer effective mosquito control treatments to let you do just that. In this article, we’ll go over a few tips on how to get rid of mosquitos on your property.

Expert Tips for Effective Mosquito Control

  • Watch Out for Standing Water- A key step for effective mosquito control is to eliminate any patches of standing water, as this is where mosquitos lay their eggs. Check your hoses and spigots for leaks, make sure your gutters and downspouts are clear, and ensure that there aren’t any items–such as buckets, trash can lids, or even children’s toys–left out for water to collect in.
  • Mow Your Lawn- In addition to standing water, mosquitoes can also hide and breed in long grass. Regularly trimming your lawn is therefore an effective mosquito control measure. If you want to supplement these efforts with pesticide treatments, our team at The Dead Pest Society can offer advice on the best methods to use.
  • Use Plants for Natural Repellant- A third strategy you can use for mosquito control is to take advantage of certain plants’ natural insect-repelling compounds. Some plants that contain compounds that are offensive to mosquitoes include marigolds, argeratum (also known as flossflower), horsemint, and catnip. although cat owners may want to avoid this last one, as it’s not likely to last long with felines around.

If you try these methods and still find yourself scratching mosquito bites, you can call our team at The Dead Pest Society to provide more powerful treatments.