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Spring is here! Warm weather has arrived, flowers are in bloom, and pests are crawling. Now is a good time to get a jump on spring pest control. Once the many pests awaken from winter dormancy, without a good pest control barrier around your home, you’ll go from needing pest control services to extermination services for an infestation. Here are a few pests to think about and what happens as spring approaches.

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  • Bed Bugs– You could experience bed bugs in your home any month of the year. Getting some in your home often relates to traveling which tends to increase as the weather turns nicer. It is never a bad idea to have your pest control professional check for them whenever you’ve returned from a trip – or even just a long weekend.
  • Ants– Spring rains can often flood ant hills causing them to seek higher ground – namely, your home, which also represents a great source for food. Pest control before the rains begin, or even throughout warmer winter months when rain occurs, can help you keep ants at bay.
  • Termites– Spring is an important time to watch for signs of termites as this is when they begin their swarming season. Having preventive termite baits installed before swarming can help keep them from choosing your home instead.
  • Mosquitos– Ants may not like rain, but the mosquitos certainly do, and those spring rains are just what they love to get going with their peak reproductive period.
  • Spiders– Since spiders feed on other insects, it stands to reason that they’ll wake from their winter napping when food becomes plentiful again, making spring an active time for spiders.

If you would like to prepare your Winston-Salem, North Carolina home for the impending onslaught of spring pests, give us a call at The Dead Pest Society to discuss our effective pest control services. We also offer wildlife removal which can be another issue both during the winter as wildlife seeks a warm refuge and, in the spring, as they begin being more active. Call today to learn more.