The Challenges of Spider Control in North Carolina

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Spider control is not like any other pest control situation, so if you have noticed far too many spiders around your North Carolina home, it is going to take an experienced professional to provide an effective solution. Here are some of the challenges of spider control that explain why hiring someone is frequently the best option.

One of the most effective spider control methods

  • Species Variety– There are 48 different species of spiders typically found in North Carolina, and there can be others that get transported in from time to time. These species do not behave identically which can make it impossible to utilize a one-solution-fits-all option.
  • Contact with Insecticide– Spider control must take into account that spiders are not deterred by an insecticide barrier and are often completely unaffected by them. They require the insecticide to land on them to be effective, in most cases. Other insects can get some on them and then die when they use their mouths to clean themselves, but spiders do not do that. In addition, once a spider gets into their web, they often don’t leave it, so they’d never cross over the insecticide sprayed elsewhere.
  • Spiders are Loners– Since spiders do not get together in a group like other insects, it is far more challenging to remove all of the spiders in your home and one spider won’t carry an insecticide to another as can happen with other types of pests.

One of the most effective spider control methods is to eliminate what the spiders feed on – other pests. At The Dead Pest Society, we recommend regular pest control services so that there aren’t insects around that would make your home inviting to spiders in the first place. With our regular pest control services, we’ll take care of those spiders that are already there and use products that we’ve found to provide spider control and pest control benefits. Call today to learn more.