Why Flea Control Will Take More Than One Visit

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If you have noticed fleas in your home or bites on pets or family members, it is definitely time for flea control. Some companies offer expensive one-day flea extermination, but unfortunately with fleas, this timeline is not likely to be effective. There are a few reasons why flea control will take more than one visit.

Why Flea Control Will Take More Than One Visit

First, fleas are great at hiding. They have flat bodies that make them hard to spot in fur or carpet. Their exoskeletons are strong and provide protection from being squashed easily. Plus, they can jump far distances, making them experts at hiding without detection. While growing into adults, they prefer hidden areas and do not need to interact with a host to survive.

Second, fleas have complex life cycles. They grow through four stages: egg, larvae, pupae, and adult. Each of these stages can vary in length. This is an important fact because it adds to the complexity of eradicating these insects from all areas of your home. Adults prefer to stay where they can feed easily, like on your pet, but they can lay a large number of eggs every day. These eggs will fall away into your carpet and other hard-to-reach areas. When the eggs hatch, the larvae inside will move to dark, protected areas in your home as they continue to grow. Eventually they become pupae and cocoon themselves until a host comes near. As you can see, each of these stages has its own challenges and circumstances that need to be addressed. If any flea is missed, it can cause a chain reaction that will lead to another infestation in your home.

Third, pets can reintroduce these pests into your home after a service call. Using a flea prevention treatment on your pet and vacuuming often in areas where your pet spends time can help cut down on the risk that your furry friend will bring fleas into your home.

If you are in need of flea control, we are only a phone call away. At The Dead Pest Society, we can set up a service plan that will address your flea issues and help you remove them completely from your home. It will take longer than a day, but our flea control will be effective.