3 Things that Your Exterminator Wants You to Know

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Here at The Dead Pest Society, we want to help you stay comfortable in your home, and that means helping you deal with any pests that make their way inside. Our team has the right experience and training to provide the effective, long-term pest control solutions that you need, but we also want to help you take steps to maximize these treatments’ effectiveness even more. In this article, we’ll go over three things that your exterminator wants you to know to get the best results from your pest control treatments.

3 Things that Your Exterminator Wants You to Know

  1. Your Habits Will Affect Your Outcomes. One thing that your exterminator wants you to know is that while pest control treatments can effectively get rid of an ant population, for example, whether or not more ants come depends a great deal on your behavior and habits. When a pest control professional advises you to fix a screen window, keep your garage door shut, or make any other adjustment, they do so for a good reason, and you will enjoy better results if you follow their guidelines.
  2. Good Habits are Only So Effective. On the flip side, some insects are so pervasive and determined that there’s very little that you can do to keep them out or get rid of them without the help of a professional exterminator. Bed bugs, for instance, don’t care about food or moisture, and the only way to effectively deal with them is to hire pest control services.
  3. DIY Solutions Can Make the Problem Worse. Lastly, many exterminators wish that their clients would call them before trying to take care of the problem themselves, as many DIY methods can actually work against professional treatments. For example, overapplying a pesticide can contaminate the baits that our team lays down in that area, making our treatments less effective.