Key Signs You Need Rodent Control

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It can be hard to determine if you have a rodent problem. Especially if you have pets, you might confuse a rodent’s tracks for your pets’. However, there will come a point when you’ll realize you have unwanted guests in your home. Here are the top signs that you need rodent control.

sign that you need rodent control

  • Urine or Droppings – If you notice unexplained droppings or pools of urine around your home, call rodent control right away. The most common areas to see these dropping are in cupboards, kitchen cabinets, or pantries. Any place with food is a likely target for rodents.
  • Tracks – Rodents like mice and rats will use the same trail and runway to transport food back to their nest. If you notice foot tracks or a path that looks well-traveled, consider calling rodent control.
  • Rodent Sightings & Sounds – An obvious sign that you need rodent control is if you see them in plain sight, or you hear them. Rodent sounds often sound like scratching on the walls or squeaking. You can often find rodents anywhere that food is present.
  • Nests – A rodent’s nest will often be made up of fuzzy materials such as fabric, or stuffing that’s in furniture, along with twigs and grass. Their nests are often in places with food and water where they think can’t be found and are safe.

We hope these signs will help you determine if you are in need of rodent control. If you have any questions regarding rodent control and the services we provide, please contact us at The Dead Pest Society today!