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Get rid of pests with our wildlife removal services.

Here at The Dead Pest Society, we offer many different services that involve the control, removal, and exclusion of various pests. One of those services is wildlife removal, which might be something you need for your home or small business. You should always call for a professional to handle wildlife pests instead of attempting to take care of the problem yourself because these pests can be dangerous.

Wildlife Removal in Thomasville, North Carolina

Here are a few pests to look out for:

  • Bats: Bats may eat some other pests that you don’t want around, but this doesn’t mean you have to like sharing a space with them. After all, bats can carry diseases and ectoparasites. However, it’s important to note that bats are a protected species here in Thomasville, North Carolina, so they cannot be removed between the months of May through July.
  • Raccoons: Don’t come too close to raccoons — they might bite you out of self-defense. Raccoons are also carriers of rabies and other diseases. They can be a nuisance to your yard and a potential threat to your pets.
  • Squirrels: You might’ve thought squirrels only live outdoors, but they might venture into your home. Some squirrels decide to take up residence in your attic and chew on the insulation and electrical wiring within your home.
  • Opossums: These pests can carry bacterial diseases transmitted through urine and feces. Also, opossums have sharp teeth, which could pose a threat to your pets if they come face-to-face.

All these pests can be taken care of with wildlife removal. Reach out to us today here at The Dead Pest Society for more information about our wildlife removal services.

At The Dead Pest Society, we offer wildlife removal services in Winston-Salem, Asheboro, Kernersville, Lexington, ColfaxBelews Creek, and Thomasville, North Carolina.


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