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Your exterminator will target your pest problem with preventive methods.

Hiring an exterminator is a must when you spot bothersome critters sharing your living space. No matter what type of creepy-crawlies may be inhabiting your home, the best course of action is to bring in a skilled professional who can get rid of them for good. Here in Kernersville, North Carolina and the surrounding area, you can count on The Dead Pest Society as your trusted exterminator. We are a full-service local pest control company that can effectively eliminate ants, bed bugs, bees, earwigs, spiders, wasps, yellow jackets, and rodents. Our company also includes a certified wildlife agent with the state of North Carolina, so we’re equipped to provide bat removal, squirrel control, and raccoon and possum removal.

Exterminator in Kernersville, North Carolina

It may come as a shock to learn that the number of insects on our planet beats out the number of human beings by an estimated 200 million to one. But with those kinds of numbers, it’s no surprise that most people will encounter a pest infestation at some point. After all, the insect population is often looking for a warm place to live that offers easy access to food and water. But you don’t have to share your space with these bothersome critters. Instead, contact us and we’ll come to your property to take care of the problem.

Your exterminator will target your pest problem with preventive methods. This approach ensures that not only will we address the current infestation, but we will also prevent bugs and other pests from coming back into your space.

At The Dead Pest Society, our exterminators proudly serve Winston-Salem, Asheboro, Kernersville, Lexington, ColfaxBelews Creek, and Thomasville, North Carolina.


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